Design Resourcesand inspiration

As one of the most used features of any household, it is important that the style, design, and functionality of any cabinets are perfectly suited for the needs of that household. Here, we have a general list of tips, ideas and resources that can help you get the cabinetry you desire.

Establish room size

The first steps in designing cabinetry for any room is to establish what you have to work with. Measure the room, including the height, and, in most cases, it will also be relevant to note the measurements of where the light switches, electrical sockets, etc. are located.

Establish ideas

This is often the most difficult part. Today, there are so many styles and combinations available that there are seemingly endless great ideas for each individual case. The most practical way we have encountered to establish your own style and wants is by browsing multiple selections.

  • Magazines are one option for this, as well as a generic internet search; however, we have found that the best resource at your disposal is It is a website designed for helping you find the ideas and styles that best suit you. We have a profile on this site, though we encourage people to search everywhere on the site to find what works best for them. We would recommend that this option be included to help aid all the later options listed below.
  • Another option to help establish your design would be to hire an interior designer. Sit down and have in-depth discussions with them to determine your style.

  • Yet another option is to use free services such as to get a general feel for what you may or may not like.
  • In accordance with the last option you can also simply sketch out your ideas on paper and get a similar result.
  • Last, but not least, you can schedule a free consultation with us. We would be happy to help you review your style and plans for your project.

Establish colours

There are endless possibilities with colours. After style, this is the greatest way to customize your project. The project can be as unique or generic as you like. The important thing to remember here is that, when selecting your colours, you should also be aware of your flooring colour, wall colours, as well as, countertop and appliance colours. Another thing to consider is the possibility of two tone or even more colours for the project that you are considering.