Flat Paneldoor styles

For a timeless, simple looking cabinet, take a look at our selection of styles for flat panel doors.

Flat panel doors (also known as shaker panels) consist of either a four-piece wood frame with a recessed flat centre panel or a 1-piece MDF door. This type of door has a classic look that goes with just about any aesthetic.

Natural 1014

Natural 1019

Painted and
Antiqued 1001

Painted and
Antiqued 1002

Painted and
Antiqued 1004

Painted 1003

Painted 1005

Painted 1006

Painted with 
Beaded Centre 1047

Painted with 
Beaded Middle 1049

Stained & 
Antiqued 1009

Stained & 
Antiqued 1027

Stained 1010

Stained 1012

Stained 1013

Stained 1015

Stained 1016

Stained 1020

Stained 1023

Stained 1028

Stained 1030

Stained 1031

Stained with
Inset Molding 1027